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PathEnd provides investment and management consulting to Individuals & small and medium enterprises in the Natural Health & Wellness, Technology, and Customer Services market segments.

Our Current Natural Health & Wellness portfolio company The Savory Team LLC is a proof of concept business to address the huge need in North America to bring knowledge and programs to individuals who want to understand how food and lifestyle impacts their health. The sharp rise in multiple chronic disease conditions is not being dealt with in a preventive and proactive manner. Pathend addresses these issues through educating customers and clients that they can do more than just treat symptoms. Well balanced lifestyle habits are imperative to optimal health!

Savory does this by:

  • Supplying a full range of affordable, quality, and well balanced ready to go meals for families with varying lifestyles who want a healthy lifestyle  for their families but are often overwhelmed by schedules to do so.
  • Provides wellness programs to educate and promote health and wellness while helping people understand they can eat well, and still have the balance they want to enjoy life and friends. Popular programs, such as the week-long Detox, teach the latest nutritional research to cut through the myths and bombardment of information on nutrition and diet . Clients get a all meals provided during the week as well as a detailed food plan for future use, so they can clearly understand what a healthy balanced diet can look like .
  • Provides a consulting service for people who have recently developed health issues, or are reassessing their current lifestyle and are eager to see how they can manage their lives going forward with clear consultation on nutrition, exercise, sleep hygiene ,and stress management.
  • Providing a relaxing neighborhood Bistro, Savory Bistro and Gourmet To Go , for local residents with an up-scale scratch kitchen with a downtown menu experience without the drive. Our lifestyles today inevitably involve dining out. Our passion is to create an experience with a “from scratch”, unprocessed, and seasonal menu that can fit into a healthy balanced lifestyle. Eating out should not be detrimental to our health! Our menu is delicious, and our ingredients are well sourced. Our cooking style is old school the way food use to be prepared with whole fresh unprocessed ingredients and classic cooking styles.
    Visit  www.thesavoryteam.com and www.savorytogo.com to get full details.

Past portfolio companies in the Natural Health & Wellness market include: Yoga For Wellness Inc., Plano, Texas; Yoga For Wellness, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Past technology sector portfolio companies include:
Rosewood Virtual LLC.  Rosewood Virtual was one of the early adopters and developers of new 3D internet technology. Rosewood helps small enterprises take advantage of what a virtual environment can do to educate, leverage productivity, increase revenue, and drive profit.
Lessons and Tutors, a division of Rosewood Virtual LLC. Rosewood Virtual partnered with North American teachers to bring the power of integrated 2D and 3D Internet combined with years of professional teaching experience to produce a new platform for learning and education.