Management Profiles

Annette Doody is co-founder and director at PathEnd. Annette leads all activities in the Natural Health and Wellness market sector.

Annette delivers a full series of Wellness Seminars to clients in the local area. She is a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach FMCHC, through Cleveland clinic’s Functional Medicine program.  Annette has been coaching clients, with great success, to reduce chronic disease such as diabetes, hypertension, anxiety etc. She also enjoys working with families and groups that want to be proactive and work towards healthier lifestyles. This is truly her passion.

Annette has co-owned and operated several businesses including Savory Bistro & Gourmet To Go which provided whole, unprocessed, seasonal, and quality food to a local population for dine in, as well as providing a wide menu of meals and pantry items to take home to satisfy the growing needs of individuals and families who want to eat healthier at home while maintaining their busy lifestyles. She also owned two successful yoga studios under the name of Yoga for Wellness. The first in Ottawa, Canada. The second studio in Texas, which grew into one of the most successful studios in the Dallas metropolitan area, before it was sold in 2002. While running these businesses she continued managed her own consulting services practice for corporate and individual clients, offering a range of seminars and life balance sessions with tremendous success.

A lively personality with remarkable communication skills, Annette’s true nature has always been to teach. Annette has held teaching positions in secondary, and post-secondary schools in Canada and Asia. Annette holds a B.A. & B.Ed. from Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada. She has completed Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach (FMCHC), through Cleveland clinic’s Functional Medicine program.  She has completed yoga certifications with Kripalu School of Yoga, and Kundalini Yoga. Annette also holds a yoga therapist certificate from Yoga Alliance. She has studied nutrition extensively through Clayton College, Kripalu Wellness Center, The Center for Mind-Body Medicine, and Cleveland Clinic.

Annette has a gift for working with individuals, and corporate clients who are ready to focus on their overall wellness, and are in search of a more balanced daily life. Her clients tell of the value she brings to their lives, and the dedication she approaches her work with.

An example of one client’s thoughts on Annette’s work:
“I began my health coaching journey with one goal in mind – to reduce my reliance on Over The Counter sleep aids. I had struggled to get a solid night of sleep for the past three years, starting with the third trimester of my pregnancy. The reality of a waking newborn and subsequent postpartum depression resulted in much anxiety and little sleep. Although my strong support group, faith in God, and Zoloft helped tremendously with the PPD, sleep troubles lingered…and lingered. I tried various doctor-prescribed and Google-prescribed treatments: trazadone, melatonin, sleep herbs (of a varied sort), chamomile tea, lavender soaks, etc. with only minor improvement. I was pretty desperate to feel rested after years of fatigue, so I was turning to OTC sleep aids several times a week. I knew this was not sustainable, so I did three things: cut the chaos of my schedule, started cognitive behavioral therapy, and signed up with a health coach. All three components were necessary. What I learned from my health coach was above and beyond my expectations. I learned about my body and how to work with it to reach my goals. My coach took a lot of time digging through the details of my lifestyle, diet, belief system, and emotional state before making some really critical suggestions. Among the most helpful (and ones that I will carry with me from now on) are: diaphragmatic breathing, meditation, realistic-goal mindset, a diet rich in healthy fat and protein, and the importance of joy and play. I felt heard and cared for every step of the way, and my life will be forever better because of my coach. I have not reached my goal 100% but I am much further down the road than before meeting my coach. And, now I have a confidence in my mind and body that I didn’t have before – what a gift!”
Jennifer Gilbert

Glen Doody is co-founder and director at PathEnd. Glen leads all PathEnd’s financial investments in portfolio companies. He also supports PathEnd’s focus on individual coaching in business environments.

Glen is a Corporate Senior Executive with a global background in sales, professional service, and business development. Glen’s broad experience has led to his unique ability to help companies find success by working within their strategic plan, but still successfully meet quarterly challenges and opportunities.

Glen has also had great success helping individuals reach their potential in a competitive environment whether that be as entrepreneurs or employees climbing the corporate ladder.
Currently playing a key Global role at SAP, Glen has held various executive positions in Fortune 50, small to medium, and startup environments.
Glen brings a global perspective having gained considerable experience with multi-year residencies in Canada, Asia Pacific, Europe and the United States. He has a keen awareness to cultural sensitivities, and understands the intricacies of international business.
Glen holds a B.Sc. from Memorial University of Newfoundland in Canada. He is a member of the International Association of Coaches.
Glen and his wife Annette live in Lantana Texas , and have two adult children. Glen Holds dual citizenship from both Canada, (his native country) and the USA.